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Thanks to the modified bumper crossbar that you will find in the kit, the intercooler kit for Abarth 500 can replace the original. However, few modifications to the lower bumper crossbar are necessary. If your car is equipped with a xenon installation, then you will need either to move the xenon tray or to change the xenon installation and switch to halogen. Our intercooler combines excellent materials that guarantee the durability of the product, and the experience and hard work of our team. Thanks to the innovative design of our intercooler, the space for the internal airflow is greater than that of other products on the market, allowing the car to perform better. The intercooler is entirely made of aluminum and can replace the original without the need for any structural modification. We have personally tested the intercooler on racetracks to guarantee its efficiency, functionality, and the benefits it can bring to the car's performance. So many advantages in just one piece with the GMC quality at a little price. If you send us your original bumper crossbar when ordering your intercooler, you will receive a discount of 80€. It is made with aluminum breech machined from solid.

Being this racing version 2 cm thicker than the standard version, it gives an increased cooling storage volume, which is perfect for those who want to ride their car fast in racetracks. 

Thanks to our modified bumper crossbeam that you will find in the kit, our intercooler kit can replace the original. It also includes an installation kit. 

The intercooler measures 260x710x62mm, while the radiator core is 260x580x62mm. The cooling storage volume is increased by 150%. The air impact surface is 1508 square cm, almost 110% more than the original. 


All GMC Racing items that involve increases in power greater than those required by the highway code of the country of the user, are intended only for competitive use.
GMC Racing disclaims all liability for any use of the product contrary to national standards.


- Aluminum intercooler 
- Bumper crossbar
- Stainless steel sleeves 
- Silicone connections 
- Bands
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