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500 abarth engine cover

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The installation of the larger Prometeo oil pan on the 500 Abarth defines new geometries under the body, which are no longer compatible with the standard engine guard, which is also made of plastic.


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Riparo Motore Abarth

The engine cover proposed by Prometheus has been designed to best adapt to the layout of the bottom of the car. It is made of AISI 304 stainless steel and thus combines excellent mechanical resistance with the total absence of corrosive phenomena.

The openings made allow an adequate passage of air during the journey, allowing the appropriate heat exchanges and avoiding the creation of dangerous overheated areas.

The design and the glossy surface finish of the material give a touch of class that cannot be missing in a respectful elaboration.

500 Abarth

The engine guard, which protects the area under the engine, is secured to the chassis with 4 fixings500 Abarth

The guard replaces the standard one when the Prometeo oversized oil pan is installed

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