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Prometeo oversized oil cup

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Prometeo is pleased to offer its loyal customers the oversized oil pan, designed for Abarth cars (500, Grande Punto, Punto Evo) but usable more generally on all models with 1.4 turbo engine.

The cup allows a lubricant capacity greater than about 2 liters compared to the standard one.


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The product is configured as a real kit including, in addition to the cup, the internal anti-slamming bulkhead, screws, accessories and a captivating aluminum filler cap, which indicates to those who perform maintenance the greater lubricant capacity.

One of the main problems with sports engines is heat. The high temperature is the cause of many damages, such as the wear of the mechanical components, the micro seizures that cause loss of drive torque, abnormal consumption, loss of the characteristics of the engine oil, etc.

For this reason, the lubricant quantity on each engine is determined by the manufacturer with the utmost attention. However, sometimes, there is a need to have something more, perhaps precisely because the mechanics are used a little more on some tasty occasions or in particular conditions of use.

In medium-high performance engines the cup capacity

oil varies from 3.5 liters to 10-12 liters of supercars.

In the specific case of the 500 Abarth and Punto Abarth this value is at the limit. The Abarth oil pan is sized for stock powers and therefore in the case of greater power uses it may be undersized.

Under these conditions of use, there would be a sharp increase in temperature in a very short time and the oil, failing to cool during its work cycle, would deteriorate very quickly.

On modified cars, in the world of racing, in supercar engines, the quantity of oil is essential to overcome the problem of high temperature. An oversized oil pan has the advantage of dissipating a large amount of heat and always ensuring effective lubrication even in large radius curves traveled at high speeds or in braking at the limit.

The engines of the 500 Abarth, GPA, Punto-Evo suffer from high temperatures; therefore the two extra liters of oil guarantee:

1) Less early decay of the properties of the lubricant, which also translates into a higher mileage between one oil change and another

2) Greater cooling of the oil which prevents dangerous overheating of the engine

3) Better mechanical performance

4) Possibility of using a slightly higher viscosity grade; so, in case of heavy use as in the use on the track, the oil can better withstand thermal stress, makes more and draws less from the oil seals

5) Greater cleaning of the oil, thanks to the greater quantity in circulation

6) Continuous draft of the oil, thanks to the anti-splashing bulkheads

7) Maximum heat exchange with the outside, thanks to the choice of material and the geometry of the cup, characterized by very accentuated fins

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500 Abarth
The larger oil pan allows a lubricant capacity greater than about 2 liters compared to the series.

500 Abarth
The oversized oil pan is sold in a kit including the internal bulkhead, the anodized aluminum filler plug and other accessories

500 Abarth
The Abarth 500 is one of the cars on which the oversized oil pan can be mounted

500 Abarth
The finning obtained on the cup allows a more effective heat dispersion

500 Abarth
The shape is designed to make the most of the spaces available in the lower part of the car

500 Abarth
The cup is available in natural aluminum, fire red and racing blue colors

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